Sunday, November 11, 2007


My peds sub-i ended uneventfully. Last week I started in the emergency department--my duties consist of being present for 11 eight hour shifts!!! It's been beautiful. I feel like I've gotten more sleep in the last week than I had in the previous months. I don't have to think about patients when I come home, because they'll all be new when I go back. I don't have to round. There's a ton of variety. And I have more days off than on.

There have been several interesting patients. A pleasantly psychotic elderly man who came by ambulance because his leg was bleeding (the mysterious "they" had pricked him with something--the bleeding was long stopped by the time he got to the ER). A psych patient tachycardic for no apparent reason. Multiple people with obscure abdominal pain. A lady who wanted ativan because her grandfather had just been admitted to the ICU and was dying (which brought up an interesting debate of the appropriateness of using drugs in a natural grieving process--the senior resident wasn't going to give any, the attending wasn't at first but decided to after talking to her). Multiple traumas, mostly blunt.

It's been good. If I didn't like surgery so much, I think I would be very tempted to pursue ER.


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