Friday, September 21, 2007


Things have picked up this week. Instead of leaving sometime between 1 and 4 it's been around 6 or 7. Today though, we finished rounding early and have not gotten any consults. Which is why I'm typing this now.

One of the consults I saw on Monday was a woman in her early 30s who came in with a blood pressure of 220/100, elevated troponin (measure for heart attack), and chest pain (we saw her because she's had renal failure for the last few months). The EKG showed some s-t depressions but no elevations. The cardiologists weren't sure if she had had an MI or just a bad hypertensive episode. What was particularly interesting was that her brother had been admitted the day before for a heart attack. Yesterday she was transferred from the ICU to the floor in the room across from her brother. When I went to see her, she and her brother were both playing cards in her room in their hospital gowns. It was kind of funny in a not-funny sort of way.

We've had a lot of really sick people who have very poor prognoses. For most of them their kidney disease is just the tip of the iceberg.

I got my first interview invitation a couple days ago--as I had gotten two rejections the week before I was (am) very excited--I might actually be a surgeon someday.


Anonymous Alice said...

Congratulations, Chris! Don't take the rejections too hard. Hopefully they're based on recognizing that your interests and the program's don't match well. It helps winnow down the list to places that you can think seriously about.

4:54 PM  
Blogger Chris Emlyn said...

Thanks! The application process is one of the many situations in which a Calvinistic worldview is very encouraging:).

2:34 PM  

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