Wednesday, September 05, 2007


I have finished the breast disease rotation. Nothing particularly interesting happened the last few days except that I missed a really interesting operation because no one told me they decided to operate on Friday instead of this week.

I got a three day weekend, and started nephrology consults yesterday. As a consult service, we basically just give advice, so we are not responsible for writing orders, dictating discharge summaries, etc, which means it is a pretty easygoing rotation. They do love rounding though--fortunately, the attending also likes teaching so I am learning instead of just tagging along with a team whose attending does not even make eye contact with the students (rare, but it does happen).

Last night I submitted my residency application--once submitted, one can no longer make changes--it was a little nervewracking. Now, I will be obsessively checking the website to see who was downloaded my application (so far about half of the programs). My last letter and transcript have not been uploaded to the site yet though.


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