Saturday, October 27, 2007

Goal Met

Today is my third day off of the month, and I have tomorrow off too. It's an amazing feeling. I really have no plans aside from errands (and Reformation Day Party at church tomorrow evening). I was going to do a lot of non-medical reading and possibly Stargate Atlantis watching, but I have been somewhat thwarted--my netflix account has sent me the third disc but not the second, so I am faced with the dilemma of either watching episodes out of sequence which is a pet peeve of mine, or waiting until next week to watch them at all. Similarly, I requested from the county library system the first three books of a series I am about to start, and I got an email yesterday informing me that they are holding the second and third books, but don't have the first yet. Annoying.

My call night on Thursday was the best call night of any rotation I have been on. Our only admit (who could totally have gone to a regular floor) was a bronchiolitis kid with no significant medical history and on no medications. I staffed him by 10:00, then went to my call room. I had to watch for some labs which were back by 11:20, then I went to bed. And didn't get another page until 3:45! I was able to take care of it with a phone call, went back to bed, and got up at 6:00. I saw the senior resident a little later, and he told me that nights like that never happen. Of course, the night wasn't as restful as it sounds as evidenced by the fact that I still came home and slept six hours straight before going to bed for the night. Call night sleep is very superficial and interrupted--one is constantly waking up, checking the pager to make sure one hasn't been paged and slept through it, checking the computer to make sure there aren't any crazy lab values that no one has told you about, waking up to FYI pages from the nurses, as well as going over patients constantly in one's head to mentally check and re-check that one hasn't missed anything. But I'll still take a night like that over a night like my first and second call nights any day (or night, as it were).

Yesterday I finally achieved my highest goal for the month--I discharged the last of my original patients.


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