Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Two down, one to go

One more orientation day done. It was quite a bit more boring than I thought it would be. The day started off early in the morning in a pitch black room (never a good situation when one is supposed to be staying awake) looking at x-ray films. The talks following on pain management and medical errors (the fourth leading cause of adult deaths in the US) were more interesting, but I spent most of the time during the last lecture on informed consent wanting to beat my head against a wall. Obviously, it is an important topic, but it has been covered ad nauseam several times before.

At (free!) lunch we were given our pagers. Very exciting, but also kind of depressing since I will never again be away from it for the rest of my career. Similar to the CPR video mentioned in my last post, it is one of the burdens that comes with this profession.

The afternoon consisted of rather long, somewhat interesting tutorials online, and another hour long radiology session. I finished the tutorials early, so now I have to kill some time before I go to a program put on by finishing third year students on how to survive on the wards. Unfortunately, I have to use that time to go over the CPR training book so I pass the test I have to take tomorrow. I'm sure I could easily pass it now, since the book only requires a high school level understanding of anatomy/physiology, and I like to think that I am a bit beyond that, but I am too chicken to blow it off . At least if I get through it now I won't have to look at it tonight.


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