Monday, June 19, 2006

I have returned

So, after my year-long absence from blogging I have decided to give it another go. Since my last post I have enjoyed the last summer vacation of my life, finished another year of medical school, and taken the step I board exams (an experience I have done my best to blot from memory--in the words of one of my classmates: "It's not that bad, but it actually really is".). I am currently enjoying my last week off before I begin third year. I still cannot believe that I have already completed two years of medical school, it seems as if I just started. Actually, I still wake up some mornings and think incredulously, "I can't really be in medical school". At least I'm past the feeling that at any moment someone from the admissions office is going to tap me on the back, and sheepishly say, "I'm awfully sorry, but there has been a terrible mistake..."

So this last week I have accomplished a few things. I went surfing for the first time in my life, something that I am very glad of, because when people at school find out I'm from California, the first question they generally ask is "Do you surf?". It's a little embarrassing to admit that although I lived the first twenty years of my life within five miles of the ocean I never have, now I can just say "yes" (I could try to make it more realistic and say "yeah dude", but I don't think I could pull that off and keep a straight face). Granted, the waves were pathetic the day I went, and I never caught one long enough to stand, but I think I'll omit that little tidbit.

I visited the used book store on Friday and have since tried out several authors I had never read before, including Ngaio Marsh, Patricia Cornwell, and Ayn Rand. Ngaio Marsh's style seems to be very much like Agatha Christie's. Patricia Cornwell was recommended by the course director of my school's pathology department as a fairly realistic look at the medical examiner's office, so I decided to get one of her books. So far the plot has been pretty good, but with considerably more language than I care for, so I'm not sure that I'll be buying any more of her books. Ayn Rand's Anthem was interesting, giving me one more reason to hate socialism. Unfortunately the main character's conclusion at the end goes to the opposite extreme, resolving that man's individualism is the most important thing, even outweighing commitment to God.

Yesterday I went with my family to see Cars, it was pretty good. It's amazing how realistic some of the CG scenery was. The only problem (aside from the previews for what look to be some of the most moronic movies ever made, including one about several schoolboys experimenting with the best way to eat worms) was the wretched little urchin sitting one chair away from me who decided it would be fun to pelt my face with popcorn. He was a sneaky little 4 or 5 year old, it took me a couple minutes to catch him in the act of throwing the popcorn. A stern glance caused him to cease for about a minute, then he started again. Imagining how satisfying it would be to dump the barrel of popcorn over his head, I refrained and instead leaned over and told him he needed to stop. Surprisingly, it worked, whether because I am intimidating, or because the movie was finally starting to get interesting I don't know. At another point some kid in the front row belched loudly, leaving me to conclude that children don't get spanked nearly enough these days.

One of the mandatory things to do this week is to get a double-double from In 'N Out. I usually eat fast food about once every three or four months, but for some reason have been craving In 'N Out for some time now. Since I go to school in a cultural wasteland that does not have In 'N Outs, it is only now that I can satisfy my craving.

I'm hoping to actually update my blog regularly from now on, since theoretically I should have an endless supply of material. I'll be starting on July 3rd with two months of internal medicine, but I've yet to find out whether it will be inpatient or outpatient. I'm really hoping for inpatient.


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