Saturday, July 09, 2005


As most of you probably know, the IOC just decided to hold the 2012 Olympics in London—it was close between London and Paris. Here are some comments from the French Officials about the IOC’s not selecting Paris:

“I think what made us lose was that we played fair.” Paris Mayor Bertrand Delanoe

“It’s simply an injustice today on the part of the IOC members not to choose Paris. It’s an affront to France.” Francis Luyne, French Swimming Federation

“I don’t know exactly why the IOC members don’t understand us.” Jean-Francois Lamour, French Sports Minister.

The mayor also hinted that he had seen “people” leaving Blair’s hotel room. He wouldn’t identify them, but said: “I didn’t have conversations with the people of the IOC…It’s forbidden.”

How can grown men be so…whiney? The mayor could easily win a passive/aggressive competition.

One thing really good about the French though, are their military’s guns, which are now in extremely high demand in the civilian market worldwide. Where else can you get a military gun that’s never been used, and only dropped once?;)


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