Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Vita aut Mortis II

Just posting a quick update on Terri Schiavo: Although the Senate and House passed this bill, Terri's feeding tube has not been replaced. I also just read a transcript of an interview with a doctor nominated for the Nobel Prize, who works with people like Terri. Though I believe she has a right to live even if she has no chance of recovery, I think you will all find it interesting.

Also, I would like to address an argument I have heard recently in support of Michael Schiavo. I turned the news on yesterday morning just in time to catch a very short interview with Michael. He said that he was "outraged" and that the American people should be "outraged" at how the government was stepping in on a private family matter. How ridiculous is that? I strongly believe in family rights, but I also believe that a family can violate and thus forfeit its rights. Parents should be allowed to raise and discipline (yes, even spank) their children as they see fit; however, if they beat their child half to death every night they have violated their rights and the government must step in. Likewise, while a husband normally should have first say in the care of his wife, when he decides to kill her he violates and thus forfeits his rights, making it necessary for wife's family and unfortunately, in this case, the government to step in.

Terri's family and Micheal are having a serious conflict involving a woman's life. Who on earth does he think should resolve it?


Blogger Tiffany Harper said...

This whole thing is making me really mad. See my blog. I hate people who only want other people to die for their selfish little reasons.

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