Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Tempus Fugit

Well, it has been a while since I have had time to write. I had exams over the last several days, so virtually all my time was taken up with studying. Fortunately, they are over for a few more weeks.

Today during lunch a physician came to speak about abortion—he was a Christian, and made some very good points to which I will not be able to do justice, but I will try to relate some of them. He was asked by one student how a physician could refuse to perform abortions or refuse to refer for abortions without imposing his own moral system on the patient. The doctor’s reply was that essentially some moral system is going to be imposed on the patient—it will either be yours or that of someone else. If a patient comes to you wanting an abortion, you can either tell her that you believe abortion is wrong, or you can let her believe it is all right. If you let her believe it is all right, then you are allowing the moral system of the liberal secular humanist to be imposed on her. He mentioned that since most Americans believe abortion is wrong, by not stating your beliefs you are allowing the moral system of the minority of Americans dictate the patient’s values. He further stated that for a medical ethics education to reflect the values of the patients, 90% of the time would have to be spent teaching the Judeo-Christian moral system, and only 10% of the time should be spent teaching the secular liberal moral system. This would make sense since the health of the patient from a social, psychological, and biological standpoint is theoretically the most important thing in healthcare.

Another thing that he mentioned was in regards to Roe v. Wade. One of the arguments of the proponents of abortion was that women were dying in “back-alley” abortions. It is now known that the statistics they used were completely made-up to support their case. Ironically, now that abortion is legal thousands and thousands more women have abortions than they did before Roe v. Wade. Because of this, more women die now every year from botched abortions than they did when abortion was still illegal.

An interesting fact that he mentioned was that when a married couple has a child within the first two years of their marriage, the likelihood that they will eventually divorce goes from 50% to 10%. When they have two children in the first four years of marriage, it goes down to 5%.

I should mention that this doctor was pro-choice for the first twenty years of his practice. Once he started thinking about what defines a person, he realized that one cannot consider fetuses to not be people--this would by necessity mean that infants, the mentally retarded, and elderly with Alzheimer's or dementia would also not be people. He compared abortionists to Nazis. Both state that certain people's lives are worthless. The Nazis judged by race, the abortionists judge by mental abilities.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is great that you are finally getting the pro-life view point. The doctor is right; the majority of Americans would view abortion as murder.

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Blogger Tiffany Harper said...

Hi, I haven't written you in a while. Mom said you were asking about my story, I only have 10 pages...I Was sick all of last week...which kinda stank, because I had to call into work, so my check had one day's worth on it....:( I'm broke right now....
Once I get farther in it I'll send you the disk, but I haven't worked on it much, Mom keeps saying I should...It guess it would give me more to do. I went to a party yesterday in SLO. It was really fun, Michelle and her Boyfriend came, I actually let him drive my car. I should probably e-mail you all of this instead of putting it on your blog, but I don't feel like getting up and double-checking what your current e-mail is...:) I think the semester off is making me lazy..
I got my acceptance from school today!!!!! Now I can stop telling people where I'm probably going, and tell them where I am going. I'm happy. But I'mnot as excited as I thought i'd be for some reason...well, that's about as personal as I'm going to getwhere everyone can see it, I think I'll give it up and dig out your e-mail, one sec....

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Blogger TheDevilIsInTheDetails said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Di Immortales, homine!

Non conspiratie crede! Cur manum unam virorum credas? Nietzschem lege (si vous n'ai pas), et eum credere conari. fortior religione eris.

omnibus amicus

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