Monday, January 17, 2005

Lingua Beata

One of the disturbing trends I have noticed is the belief that the rules of proper English are unnecessary when communicating via computer. Punctuation, capitalization, sentence structure and just about everything else seem to go straight out the window nowadays. For an example, I will write this post as if I followed this trend.

hey peeps im riting my blog.i like riting cuz i kin xpress my pheelings 'n tok 'bout stuf. i hav lotsa pinions. i think lbrls r crazy sumtimes but sum peeps hoo think they r conserv. r crazy 2. 4 instunz, ahnold shwortzeneger (guv of cali) ses hes repulican but is maryd to a reely librl l8y. its phunny that he is guv since hes a moovy * but reely any1 is beter thn gray davis, lol! tokin of cali the wether thare is so crazy! it raned 4 like 3 weekss strate! & all that mud slides blokd the 3ways!! im tryin 2 think of wut i want 4 dinner 2nite. i lik peetza but it has so much fat an i want 2 loose some pnds but th' prob is that i dont lik eting helthy stuff like brokli even tho scient'sts sae it is so gud 4 u. so ill prob just git a cheezburger 2nite on my wae home from wurk. o did i menchun my job? i just startd wurking as n editor in a noospaper. my frend ones it so he hird me imedi8ly since he noes i lik to rite even tho ive never shoed him my riting. im glad he hired me, but im not sure itll wurk out coz he wuz acting reel cranky wen i left last nite, & then he called me @ home n critisized my wurk--i ges its troo, u shudnt wurk 4 some1 u noe or theyll trie 2 tek advantag of u. anywae, i need to go now. talk 2 u later!!!!!!!!!


Blogger Tiffany Harper said...

thatz reelie funie i hafta g2wrk 2morrow so ill ttyl8r

9:20 PM  
Blogger Chris Emlyn said...

Gratias ago.

3:24 PM  
Blogger BeckoningChasm said...

I have to admit, when I randomly come across a blog written the way you've written your second paragraph, I quickly click away before the headache starts!

4:01 PM  
Anonymous yo mama said...

dats prity funi tu rite lik dat, izn it? wel, eye g2g dud. lol

5:27 PM  

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