Friday, January 21, 2005


I was reminded this morning what tomorrow commemorates when I walked into the auditorium and was greeted by a message on the chalkboard: “Roe v Wade Anniversary—Celebrate Women’s Reproductive Choice—Cafeteria Noon Refreshments”. That was by far the most sickening thing I have read in a long time, and it took quite a while before I could concentrate on the lecture. Generally I can understand liberal arguments, even though I usually strongly disagree with them, but I am simply incapable of comprehending the mindset of a person who schedules a celebration of the court decision that has resulted in the violent deaths of more than 44 million infants in the last 32 years. What is their cheer? “Women can now live whatever lifestyle they desire, without worrying about the consequences! Get pregnant? Have that little sucker chopped up and removed in less than an hour! Let’s celebrate!” But at least they’re getting free refreshments.

Every argument for legal abortion is pure trash. Women and men have “reproductive choice”, it entails a decision of whether or not to have an intimate physical relationship with someone. Having made a decision in favor of that, the pair should be stuck with the consequences, even if that means having to go through a pregnancy. What if the woman lives in a culture or has a job in which she will be looked down upon for having a pregnancy out of wedlock? Too stinking bad, that is not the baby’s fault. She should have thought about that before she becoming pregnant. And the man is by no means free of consequences—he should be forced to support both woman and child indefinitely. Identity of the father is no longer a problem, we have DNA tests nowadays.

The whole argument that making abortions illegal will result in women getting “back-alley” abortions illegally, and possibly dying from them is hogwash as well. What pro-abortionists don’t seem to get is that the mother is not my primary focus—I am much more concerned about the baby she is trying to murder. If I see a man holding a knife to an old lady’s throat on the street am I going to try to keep mugging illegal, or to make laws protecting muggers? There is no difference between this scenario and the abortion issue except that in this case the old lady has a chance of surviving and mugging is still illegal.

Fetuses are fully human, as anyone who has looked at an ultrasound or seen stillborn fetuses should know. The killing of them, by their own mother or by anyone else is murder and should be treated as such legally. Any physician who willingly performs an abortion violates everything the medical field stands for and should be stripped of his license and tried for pre-meditated murder.

I realize that this post is somewhat more vehement than usual, seemingly contradicting the Columba part of my blog, however, this is an issue that infuriates me, and even Columbae can be angered at the murder of innocent people. I understand that pregnant women (especially teenagers) can be scared, and not know what to do, but there is help for them at pro-life crisis pregnancy centers. Adoption is always an option—in California, all a woman has to do is drop her newborn off at the emergency room, and they are legally required to take it without asking any questions. The government’s condoning of abortion does not help anyone.

There are times when I think of how barbaric other cultures have been/are, such as the burning of a living woman when her husband dies, Sodom and Gomorrah, the holocaust, and mistreatment of slaves; yet none of these (except the holocaust) resulted in even close to the brutal death of 44 million people. I can’t help but wonder, in several hundred years, when historians look back, will this nauseating practice be our identifying mark, and will we be labeled the most wicked barbarians in history? So, while a (hopefully very small) group of my classmates are celebrating this, allow me to reiterate my last post: may God have mercy on this nation.


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I only hope that it gets better, and not worse from here on out....

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