Thursday, March 24, 2005

Vita aut Mortis III

Here is a link to the latest update on Terri Schiavo. The Supreme Court has failed to protect her, so unless a miracle happens, it looks like we will have a case of barbaric, judicial-system-sanctioned murder. Here is a quote from her "husband" Michael:

The status quo today is that Mrs. Schiavo is exactly where she would want to be; she has been released from unwanted, intrusive medical procedures according to her wishes. Preservation of the status quo would allow her to die in peace, and to maintain her dignity and autonomy. Petitioners [the Schindlers], however, ask this court to upset the peace that Mrs. Schiavo has attained, to reverse the fulfillment of her own wishes, and to dismantle 8 years of painstaking work by courts in both the Florida system and the federal system.

Do people actually believe this...for lack of a better word used in polite conversation, trash? Feeding a person is an "unwanted, intrusive medical procedure"? Slowly dying of dehydration is the "peace that Mrs. Schiavo has attained"? This freak has got something to hide, and I hope someone finds out what it is very, very soon.


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