Friday, March 25, 2005

Vita aut Mortis V

Here is a link to the latest. Terri still appears doomed to die. Here is an excellent post by Ann Coulter on why Gov. Bush should send the National Guard to protect Terri. Michael's scumbag lawyer says "Jeb Bush does not own the state of Florida and just cannot impose his will on Terri Schiavo." This is a typical liberal attitude--anyone who disagrees with a liberal is "imposing" his will on others, or being "intolerant" of others. But is Michael imposing his will on Terri starving her to death? Of course not! He's simply being a loving husband. Hogwash.

What is the difference between liberals and conservatives? Conservatives want to execute murderers, traitors, and rapists. Liberals want to put them up in luxury prisons with good food and cable TV. Conservatives want to save the lives of innocent people such as unborn babies and handicapped women. Liberals want to murder them. Conservatives think hard work should be rewarded. Liberals think lazy slackers should be rewarded by the hard workers. Conservatives think everyone has a right to an opinion. Liberals think everyone has a right to an opinion except for people whose opinions go against theirs. Conservatives believe people have a right to live. Liberals believe they have a right to kill anyone who cannot defend him or herself.


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