Friday, March 25, 2005

Vita aut Mortis IV

Terri Schiavo is in her seventh day of being starved to death. The latest update is here. Her brother made a statement: "It's very frustrating. Every minute that goes by is a minute that Terri is being starved and dehydrated to death....[Seeing my sister is like looking at] "pictures of prisoners in concentration camps."

Michael's genius brother had this brilliant comment to make: "[She] does look a little withdrawn. [But starvation is] part of the death process." Michael's lawyer has suggested that the Schindlers' time would be better spent by reflecting on Terri than trying to save her life. Do they practice these comments in front of the mirror so they can keep a straight face when they talk to reporters?

I cannot find words to properly describe how detestable and vulgar this case is. The fact that the state courts have allowed an adulterous husband to have his wife murdered over the protests of her family, and that the U.S. Supreme Court has refused to even hear it is disgraceful. Terri is (or was, before they stopped feeding her) a healthy, functioning human being. She was happy, her family loves her, and she was not suffering. This is absolutely barbaric.


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