Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Goodbye California

I am now back in the land of Notcalifornia, and have completed the first of three “transition to clerkship” days. It was pretty boring. Topics covered included the utilization of electronic resources, how to hot sync our PDAs, what to do in a bad rotation situation, and of course the hour-long excruciating CPR training video that we are doomed to watch every two years for the rest of our professional lives.

Other highlights of today included PPD testing and the ceremonial throwing out of my anatomy scrubs that have been fermenting in a lovely combination of formaldehyde fumes and cadaveric juices in my locker for the last two years. You may well ask why, since I finished anatomy a year and a half ago, my scrubs were still in my locker. But, I would have to ask you in return, what if I had needed them in my M2 year, and I had already thrown them out?


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