Friday, June 30, 2006


Yesterday was fairly interesting, though I imagine remarkably boring to hear about. I completed general orientation. Topics covered were fluids and electrolytes, universal precautions, HIPAA (surprisingly not boring, the lecturer made it very relevant to what we as students will be doing), navigating the medical record, how to use our PDAs, and of course CPR training and test. Afterwards I walked over to the hospital to see where we will be meeting for orientation to internal medicine. Unfortunately, it’s a good 10-15 minute walk from where students park, so my usual drive-into-the-parking-lot-three-minutes-before-class-starts won’t go over well. Additionally, instead of shorts and a T-shirt, I will be wearing slacks, shirt and tie, and a white coat (although most likely I’ll be carrying that) in the blazing heat. Oh joy.

Today was a pretty lazy day. I did manage to run some errands, and got about a 60% discount on chicken from the grocery store, which I was quite excited about (yes, I do have a life), although now I am having nightmares about Campylobacter jejuni.


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