Saturday, March 03, 2007

Saturday Clinic

Neuro is over. Psych on the inpatient wards at the VA will start on Monday.

Today I went to the Saturday Free Clinic since I finally regularly have weekends off. I saw two patients with a first year student, both were diabetic/hypertensive/hyperlipidemia patients. The first just needed refills (he also had depression) but was also complaining of painful swollen fingers since yesterday. None of us could see any swelling whatsoever, so we told him to take tylenol for pain. The second patient was diagnosed with diabetes five years ago (his brother has heart disease and diabetes and his sister died of diabetes when she was 50) but has been off meds for the last two years due to loss of insurance. Today his fasting blood sugar was 375 and his blood pressure was 162/90. The doctor said in her office she would just start someone with sugar that high on insulin, but in this situation (not necessarily a reliable patient) we just started him on metformin.

Afterwards I took the advantage of being in that area of town and visited my favorite grocery store: Trader Joe’s. I also went by Barnes and Noble. I just finished the eleven currently written books in the Wheel of Time series—unfortunately the series is not finished (similar to the Lord of the Rings the books are all one story), and the author is dying of amyloidosis. Naturally I hope his disease progresses very slowly for his sake, but I wouldn’t complain if he also managed to finish the series in the meantime. George R. R. Martin’s books have been recommended to me by several people as being even better than the Wheel of Time series, so I bought the first four currently written books. On the plus side, to the best of my knowledge the author is not dying of a chronically progressive disease.


Anonymous Alice said...

Please let us know how you like that new series. My latest forays into sci-fi/fantasy have not produced very satisfying results. :)

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