Saturday, January 06, 2007

Thursday was orientation to the hospital, it was by far the most overwhelming first day I have gone through in third year—fortunately, everyone else was just as overwhelmed. In the afternoon I saw two clinic patients for prenatal visits. I got to find the fetal heart tones with the doppler which was kind of neat. Friday two students had to go to clinic, and two to L&D. Since we all had lecture in the afternoon, the chief resident went over some things with us in the morning, then told those of us not in clinic and L&D we could leave to study. I know several students who can never believe residents really mean it when they say to go and will hang around for a while—I have never had this problem.

Next week I will be on gyn—on Monday there will be 14 surgeries to divide among students. Monday will also be my first official overnight call ever—should be interesting. I am more optimistic about this rotation than I was at the beginning of third year. It's still not really a career option for me, but I think it will be a good experience. Its procedural aspects are reminding me how much I liked surgery.


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