Wednesday, January 03, 2007


2007 already—amazing. My break was very nice, though it went by far too quickly. Yesterday we had our professionalism/patient centered care seminar (which did in fact last all…day…long…) which was pretty much as I (and 95% of the other students) expected it to be—the waste of a perfectly good day. At least I got to talk to some people I haven’t seen since third year began what with rotations being what they are.

Today I had orientation to OB/GYN which I shall be doing for the next six weeks. I’ll be at a private hospital with ten other students, and will switch between OB and GYN every week. Call will be every six days. One good thing is that the way the call schedule works out I will actually get four free weekends, and most are at the end of the rotation when I will be most tired. Full weekends just help so much—I could almost tolerate any schedule if I could just have two whole days off a week—one to get housework done/run errands and one to just completely relax. It is going to be a pain in the rear trying to figure out what we are supposed to do—as a group we are going to have to divvy up labor/delivery, clinic, surgeries, etc. It’s going to take a good week if not more to get things running smoothly, especially since many of us will only have a day and a half (we have lecture Friday afternoons) to work before the weekend.

I think I feel more clueless about OB/GYN than I have about any other rotation. Medicine and peds were both based at least in theory off of things we learned about the first two years, though surgery was less so. Pretty much all we learned about as far as OB/GYN goes the first two years was the hormones involved in cycles and pregnancy. It sounds like there will be no end of deliveries on this rotation though, so I should be pretty comfortable with them in a couple of weeks.


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