Monday, November 06, 2006

Community peds

Today I did not have to go to clinic until 2:00pm:). I could get used to this. I went to a community pediatrician's office today. It was fast paced, so I didn't get bored (plus, I was only there for 2.75 hours!). We saw several patients, ranging from asthmatics to regular check-ups. Fortunately the children were all well-behaved, I didn't get spit on like one of my friends did last week.

I have a feeling that the pediatrician might be a homeschool dad--the pictures of his family in his office show that he has six young children, but I didn't get a chance to ask. He greatly raised my opinion of him when he encouraged the patients' parents to vote "yes" tomorrow on the gay marriage ban (in a non-confrontational way)--the liberal doctors at school would have thrown a fit to hear that--it was great.

Tomorrow I have to go to endocrine clinic all day, which seems an incredible hardship after the last week's schedule. I am going to be so spoiled by the end of this rotation, reality is going to strike hard next month.


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