Sunday, October 22, 2006


It hit me. I went to bed at ten, when I woke up I thought it was probably about nine—actually it was 1:30pm. That pretty much destroyed any chance I had of doing something productive. I did manage to type up a couple of H&Ps, eat dinner, then go to bed at ten. Naturally, since I had just gotten 15 hours of sleep I stayed awake for several hours, which would have been fine if I didn’t have to wake up this morning at 4:45. I do feel better now with 16oz of coffee in me.

This morning I saw 6 patients in just a little over an hour. Since the intern has been avoiding the obnoxious patient I have previously described she made sure he was one of the ones I had to see. Surprisingly I managed to keep my time talking to him at less than three minutes, and was starting to be less inclined to dislike him. That changed when we rounded with the attending and fellow and he went into gory detail about how his wife has a phobia of touching him, refused to wash his back this morning after washing his hair, and then described the most private matters of his personal life that I really did not need or desire to hear. Somehow he worked into the conversation that he wears $1500 suits when he goes out so he can attract women’s attention, that his wife doesn’t understand that, and that he dresses better, is taller, and is more handsome than any of us (the attending, the fellow, and me). I think he has some narcissistic tendencies. After we left his room, even the attending (who enjoys telling crass/dirty jokes in the OR) said he felt like taking a shower. We were going to discharge him, but his blood cultures grew bacteria so now we have to monitor him for several days.


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