Monday, July 17, 2006

Punctured foot, broken toe

This morning I went to clinic. The doctor I usually am with was out of town, so I followed one of his partners. Patients seen included: young man who had stepped on a nail and had warts on his hands (antibiotic for foot, liquid nitrogen for warts), a man with a plugged up ear from swimming (doctor irrigated ear, watched disgusting clumps of wax come out), a lady who had fallen and hit her head on concrete (CT scan), a sore throat (probably viral, but culture just to be sure), and a man who dropped something on his foot a few weeks ago whose nail was now popping off (the doctor burned through the nail with a cautery tool to release any pus or blood that might be underneath. He gave me the cautery tool to take home since it can only be used once on a patient. It can light a candle faster than a match:).

Tomorrow I have the morning off (I love outpatient medicine), and one hour of lecture in the afternoon. But, since I really need to study more, I’m sure I will stay busy.


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