Friday, January 25, 2008


My two month vacation is rapidly coming to an end. After a beautiful month in the balmy climes of that sunny and joy-filled land (California), I have just returned to the ice-pit in which I go to school. Fortunately, I'm going back to California for an away rotation very soon. Hopefully it will provide me with something worth posting. Unfortunately the price of something worth posting will be my having to get out of bed between four and five AM every day (after two months of sleeping 9-10 hours every night--why surgery, again?)

I constantly go back and forth in my opinion of where I am currently living. While I'm inside my car or apartment, I find the snow to be very beautiful, and somewhat exotic (having only seen snow a handful of times before moving here). When I go outside my car or apartment my optimism rapidly plummets and I can't help pondering the striking similarities between this city and the ninth circle of hell.

Today I dropped by school and found that it was an interview day for pre-meds. I realized with a jolt that by the time they get to their third year of medical school I'll be their senior resident. By the time they're interns, I'll be their chief, about to graduate and get my first attending job. Crazy. Time has gone by so fast. And I'm starting to feel very old (no comments from those who know my age please:).


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