Friday, July 21, 2006

Lectures and clinic

Today I again got up early (for me) to make it to the EKG lecture by 7:00. After an hour of EKG (I can now calculate heart rate, tell if there is a sinus rhythm, and figure out if there is left or right axis deviation [in clinic this afternoon the doctor asked me what I made of an EKG, I saw that it had a left axis deviation, then he told me that no one ever looks at that, I should just know it for boards]). Then, I went to grand rounds, which were basically presentations of interesting cases by residents to students, residents, and attendings. Then, I went to a lecture on geriatrics, had two hours to study, then drove to the clinic. Patients I saw included an asthma patient; a man with several lipomas (fatty tumors that are completely benign), one of which started hurting three weeks ago; a little girl with a possible eye infection; and a young lady with oral thrush (fungal infection of the mouth). One interesting moment was when one of the patients who had commented on how young I look when I spoke to her alone asked if the doctor and I were brothers when we went in together. While obviously a compliment for the doctor (haha), I am not sure what it was for me as I am considerably younger than him.


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