Monday, May 14, 2007

Family Medicine

My computer has slowly been dying, and is at last (hopefully temporarily) dead and is now in the shop. Fortunately, the shop owner goes to my church and was generous enough to give me a loaner which I am rapidly becoming quite fond of.

CPR ended well. The last week kind of dragged, but on the positive side over the two and a half weeks I did almost 40 successful intubations. I am now on family medicine which I am enjoying apart from the couple hours a week of problem based learning which I despise. There are only two drawbacks: 1) the clinic is a half hour north of where I currently live, and school is a half hour south, and 2) two days a week clinic goes until 7:00 and one of those days is the day I have Bible study near school at 7:00. To further complicate matters, I am moving to my own apartment near school in a week.

Highlights of the last couple weeks:
1) My mom and one of my sisters came out for a weekend to help me get stuff for my new apartment.

2) I got a beautiful cabinet/bookshelf thing and a brand new leather recliner from an outlet store at 80% off.

3) I got an email from Lippincott telling me that I have $100 credit to purchase books from their website as a thank you gift for reviewing a couple chapters of a new edition of a textbook written by faculty from my school.

4) I saw the most incredibly massive wart that I have ever seen on a girl's hand.

5) At the student run free clinic I saw four patients with a first year student, three of them I was able to take care of myself and the attending just signed off on my note without even seeing the patient. One of them had an HbA1c of 16--by far the highest I've ever seen (normal is 5-6ish). Another had a flushing reaction to her niacin and was absolutely convinced that it was due to her multivitamin despite my telling her that flushing is an extremely common side effect of niacin and my bringing up the fact that the flushing took place 10 hours after taking the vitamin and minutes after taking the niacin.

6) I finished the currently written George RR Martin books--unfortunately I can't recommend them. While they are extremely well written, and have intriguing plots, he delights in filling them with all kinds of obscenity.

7) I started reading several of Bram Stoker's books. The Jewel of Seven Stars was quite good, I read it in one sitting, Lair of the White Worm was a little confusing. I'm about a third of the way through Dracula and so far it has been the best of the three. On my last foray into Barnes and Noble I bought "Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrel" by Susannah Clarke which looks like it will be good. I had never heard of it before, and I have to admit one of the main factors in my deciding to buy it is because it is an 800 pg hardback that was on discount for $7 and it will look very nice on my new bookshelf in my new living room.

8) We had the dinner for the graduating seniors of the Christian Medical Association on Friday. Interestingly, with one exception, all of them matched into either family medicine or surgery.