Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Diei Stulti--Guest Poster: Glowflower

Hey everyone! Remember me? Chris posted one of my journal entries here a while back, showing a little bit of my life with wife Moondust and son Rainbow. He’s agreed to let me post again! I am so excited!

Oh, my name is Glowflower by the way—I don’t think I mentioned that in my journal entry. I met Chris a few months ago when I was staging a protest with some of my comrades in front of a local coffee shop (we found out that the greedy scum-suckers had removed a wasp nest from its native habitat just so they could build their stupid shop--well hello, the wasps were there first buddy! So we dressed up in insect costumes covered in fake blood and marched up and down in front of the building holding signs with slogans such as: “Families died for your coffee—still need your caffeine fix?”, “Arthropods are people too”, and [my favorite!] “Just because you have six legs, antennae and an exoskeleton doesn’t mean you don’t have rights!”). I was walking up to the people going into the shop and yelling “Genocide supporter!” in their faces to try to make an impression. When I went up to Chris he asked me what I was protesting before I had a chance to yell in his face, so I told him all about it because he seemed so interested. After I told him about it, he said that I was the perfect example of the liberal mind and that he wished I could write for his blog because then all his readers would understand what he was talking about! I was so flattered! So, I emailed him a page from my journal, and here I am today!!!

Anyways, what I wanted to write about was something that I decided when I was in college (Berkeley, baby!) and I still hold to today—I HATE INTOLERANT PEOPLE!!!!!!!! They make me so ANGRY!!! “You can’t do this, you can’t do that, you’re bad” it ticks me off! Who do they think they are? I refuse to put up with them. They are all so narrow-minded and bigoted. One of the people at the coffee shop told me to get a life, and it really hurt my feelings. I indignantly told her that she couldn’t talk to me like that because I had the freedom of speech, but she just rolled her eyes and said so did she! It is this kind of insensitivity and intolerance that I can’t stand!

And people are so intolerant of change! One day when I was driving home I got stuck in a traffic jam—there were thousands and thousands of cars! Why do all these people need to drive when there is public transportation they can use? All these stupid people are slowly choking the life out of the environment with their foul pollution and they don’t even care! (On a side note, don’t tell Chris I told you this, but I think he’s either a little slow or maybe just hard of hearing—when I ranted to him about this he raised his eyebrows and kept asking me what I was doing when I was in the traffic jam—I had to tell him three times that I was driving in my car before he finally stopped asking, and even then he just shook his head like he couldn’t understand anything I was saying.) Ride the bus people!

So, basically I just wanted to say how glad I am that wife and son and I are so tolerant. We accept and love everyone for who they are. It doesn’t matter what people believe or what they look like. Peace is what is important.

Well, got to go. Our stupid neighbors (during the last winter holidays they put a NATIVITY SCENE in their FRONT YARD where it could be SEEN by EVERYONE WHO DROVE BY [!] and it offended me deeply) put a “We support our troops” sign in their front lawn—disgusting, I HATE THEM (the neighbors I mean, but now that I think about it I guess the troops too!:) so much!!! My comrades and I are going to rip it up tonight and replace it with a peace sign—and why shouldn’t we? We have the freedom of speech!

P.S. Chris just read this and said it was such a great example of liberal thought and logic that I might just become a regular writer on his blog!